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Q: Do you deliver every image you shoot?

A: No, I do not. I get rid of duplicate images, test shots, missed focused shots, shots with bad expressions and other images that may dilute the overall product delivery. You can rest assured that I am not gonna skimp out on delivering, I want you to have these shots more than you want the shots, haha. 


Q: How Do I book/secure a session?

A: The first thing you are going to want to do is fill out the questionnaire on my website, you can find this on the "Get in Touch" tab. Once that is finished, I will have the chance to connect with you. Together we will secure a date! From there, you first payment will be due and can be made through a variety of different methods. Once all that is locked in, we can start bringing your vision to life! 

Q.What do we wear to our shoot?

 A: My motto is, wear what is comfortable. If you never wear dresses and find it uncomfortable then don’t. Honestly, I am a jean jackets and ripped jeans kind of girl! I would say that neutrals are always safe, (think earth tones) but once we get started in our process I will guide you in this area!   


Q: Do you shoot Events? 

A: nope, sorry! I have chosen to focus and excel at what is listed under the “investments” Tab.


Q: Can you photoshop me to look skinny?

 A: LOL, surprisingly I get asked this all the time. The answer is no, sorry, but I’ll focus on making you feel beautiful. The most I will do is clear skin, and remove distractions. Not to mention, I kind of suck at photoshop, so… haha!


Q: How do you deliver your photos and how many do we get?

A: I deliver high resolution photos on an online gallery.  I don’t have a set number on how many photos you will receive, but I never leave anything out. I don’t put a cap or a limit on what I will deliver. Every session is different and varies from the last & numbers are always changing. If you would like to see some galleries please feel free to ask. I am happy to send over a few so you can get an idea on what I deliver. 


Q:What is your turn around time?
A: Any session other than wedding, you can expect a 2 week turnaround, although I do my best to finish earlier. Wedding photo turnaround is up to 8 weeks. 


Q: Do you give out RAW/UNEDITED photos?
A: Nope, sorry. Under no circumstances will raw/unedited files be distributed to anyone at anytime.  I work very hard to deliver my images that stay true to my style.


Q: How do I book you?

A: The best way to book me, is by bringing me coffee. HAHA, Kidding, the best way to book is getting in touch by filling out the contact page! Once we get past all the questions & details, I will send you a contract that you will go over, and sign. After all that, we can get to the good stuff and talk about your dream sesh! EVERY SESSION  REQUIRES A BOOKING FEE, and weddings require 50% down. 


Q:Do you travel?

A: YES AND IT’S MY FAV! I go wherever the wind blows me, haha. But seriously, I love traveling and get excited for each opportunity. I am based out of Bakersfield, California and I am happy to serve clients anywhere! Cost of travel and reasonable accommodations fees will apply. Please Email for further details on traveling!


Q: What if I have to cancel my session?

 A: This is why I require a non-refundable booking fee, it covers the cost of a cancelled session. 

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