Frazier was lush & evergreen, freshly watered by the early morning rain. There’s nothing quite as lovely as driving down slick black payment, mid fall, secluded by tall and unruly pine trees. As we rummaged though the blood orange leaves and pine cones, there was a moment I had to close my eyes and just breathe it all in. If God ever had favor on a season, i’d swear it was autumn. Call me crazy, but it’s some kind of chemical release and it feels like magic. Something happens in the atmosphere. People seem generally happier, even the food tastes better, and clothes, well, they're far more comfortable. All year we dream about moments like these, were we can brew a fresh pot of coffee, grab our favorite book, and sit by our imaginary fireplace.

    As I filmed across the way, I watched how the sunlight pierced through the gloomy dark clouds and danced across Brooke’s porcelain skin. I swear he never once took his eyes off her. In that moment, I could see why he'd fallen so deeply in love with her, she was nothing shy of elegance and grace. 

    For the past couple weeks, I had anxiously awaited this day. The day that Kris would ask his sweet girl, for her hand in holy matrimony. The day he would ask her to make him the happiest man alive. The day that would inevitably change the course of their lives forever. 

    Unbeknownst to Brooke & Kris, they undoubtably shook the core of my universe that evening. I see God radiating & seeping out, when I look at them. I see them seeking purity in a foul world. I see a platform built on goodness, righteousness, and honor. 

Their love is brave, ferociously courageous, and contagious to say the least. If you don't believe me, press “Play” and grab a tissue.