My name is Allyssa, or Lyss. 

I am a full time friend,  dog lover,  and Wedding Photographer. For now,  i'm  based on the sunny

sides of California, with an itch for adventure.  I love pine trees, trails, and tents. I love to travel and welcome it freely. 

  I like getting lost, unless i'm in town,  I pretty much live on google maps & it's an ongoing joke   anytime anyone who knows me. 


I AM MARRIED TO MY BEST FRIEND!  He is my main squeeze besides Indi, my dog. 

 I am a huge advocate of living with purpose,  and speaking life giving words. You manifest what you believe about yourself and others. I believe that we should spread kindness and give love freely. 

I have a serious weakness for ice-cream. Cookies and cream, mixed with peppermint ice milk rules the world. This is why I could never be vegan- sorry everyone. 

I am  constantly looking for new opportunities and adventure, but in the meantime I find myself either spending time with people I love most, or staring at computer screen with a huge cup of coffee, editing/working my life away. I think community is SO important, which is why I spend as much time as possible with my friends.

I am a firm believer in good work ethic and always putting YOU  first, so I  pour my blood, sweat, tears AND PRAYERS  into every ounce of work I produce. I gotta lot of love to give.

My desire is to build lifelong relationships with ANYONE I shoot with. 

I specialize in couples, elopements, and weddings.

I have been shooting weddings professionally for about 6 years now... probably longer. I don't count the ones from when I started lol, like my first wedding which was my poor Dad. LOL.  He bought me my first Canon camera in exchange to photograph his wedding. I think I was 16? You definitely do not want to see those pics, haha. 

 I still can't believe I get to do what I love for a living. I am incredibly passionate about my career and truly grateful for all the amazing opportunities I get to connect, travel, and live out my calling. I specialize in Elopement weddings, intimate weddings, and couples. I am fascinated by love, and how it looks different on each person. The best part of working with couples, is being able to tell their story in the way it should be told. 

I am non traditional and like to break the rules of what a photo "should" look like. 

 I thrive on unscripted, unplanned  moments. I like being a little weird. I might make you hop a fence, climb some rocks or simply roll around in yellow weeds.  

We might  be a good fit, if you find yourself thinking

"omg me too" 

you're not just a client, you're a friend.  


Let me tell your story.

 L e t 's  E x p l o r e 

  and  go on an adventure